• Simple Postnatal Care Must-Haves

    Affiliate links are used within this post. You can read my full disclosure here. Now that I’m officially in the fourth trimester (aka the postnatal period) with baby number two, there have been a number of go-to items in my home care kit that I haven’t been able to do without. Luckily, a lot of… Read More

    Simple Postnatal Care Must-Haves
  • Introducing Olivia Pierce | A Birth Story

    She’s finally here, you guys! I can’t believe we’ve made it to this moment where our sweet girl has finally made it earth side and as a family we couldn’t be more excited. I’m writing this having had her a little over a week ago and she’s been home now for five days. We’re currently… Read More

    Introducing Olivia Pierce | A Birth Story
  • Meaningful Gifting | Lettered Vows

    Valentine’s Day isn’t a favorite holiday for everyone…hell, we don’t even officially celebrate it. Instead, we always make it an intentional part of our every day to think of one another and gift as we feel inspired. By doing so it not only just becomes a rhythm to love one another each day, but it… Read More

    Meaningful Gifting | Lettered Vows
  • Raising a Child on the Autism Spectrum

    In October of 2019 we had our three year old evaluated and eventually diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It was one of the most challenging years in my experience as a mom because it hit me in a multitude of ways. The “threes” are known to be a tough age and we had our fair… Read More

    Raising a Child on the Autism Spectrum

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